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Leverage your business opportunities - Align with EPCB

$366.00 Reg.

$183.00 SALE

Looking to manage a risk management franchise?

Provide us with a suitable image (usually a "head and shoulders" photograph of your lead consultant), up to 300 words about you; and contact information comprised of a nominated person's name, telephone contact and email address.

Review your page - suggest any improvements - when these are agreed, pay your once only establishment fee, and start promoting your business.

Please note: EPCB will conduct a due diligence exercise on the application and reserve the right to reject the application and provide you with a full refund.

A full EPCB Affiliated Consultant Package includes the following three elements:

1. A hosted website presence. This integrated element includes a listing, by name and region, on the EPCB About Us page. The listing is hyper-linked to your hosted web page. Your hosted web page is customized within a generic standard to include information you provide - specifically, an image (usually a "head and shoulders" photograph), up to 300 words about your service; and contact information comprised of a nominated person, telephone contact and an email hyper-link.

2. Intellectual Property. This is made available to support your consulting projects when you take up an ongoing annual franchise fee. This includes our Buttress Consulting Module which you can tailor to meet the needs of your clients; Power Point Presentations which support workshops, exercises and training aligned with EPCB's approach to business continuity & emergency planning; and exclusive access to other resources.

3. Logo rights. Rights to display and use EPCB logos on your promotional, training and other materials (including consulting proposals).

NB While as an EPCB Affiliate you will demonstrate alignment with EPCB approaches, you maintain your independence as an individual service provider. This independence also includes responsibility for coverage of your liabilities (through insurances).

Referrals. Leads on potential work received through the head office will be forwarded to the best placed affiliate. The best placed affiliate will be a head office decision based on client needs, provider proximity and best service fit.

Payment of the initial establishment fee confirms acceptance of EPCB's offer and establishes your affiliate support rights. This can be done through Paypal from this website, by invoice or through the international banking system using IBAN/SWIFT.

A discounted Annual Fee (Full Fee) option is available as a payment option. This provides you with an established franchise and immediate access to the intellectual property resources.

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$366.00 Reg.
$183.00 SALE


Discount Option
You may consider the option of immediately receiving the full franchise package (establishment and access to resources) for a discounted price.


  • Our affiliates share a risk management approach focused on the "due care" tests applied by courts and coronial enquiries (i.e. "What should you have known and done about risks and their management?").

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