Risk Management Register

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Available here as a stand alone product - or within the Complete Continuity Toolkit.

A Microsoft Office Excel 97-2003 Workbook (with embedded PDF instructions) aligned with the requirements of the International Risk Management Principles and Guidelines (ISO 31000).

Our Risk Management Tool is simple and sophisticated.

Simple - it supports you through straightforward steps aligned with the International Risk Management Standard (ISO 31000)

This tool supports and records the following key steps: 1. establishing context and identifying risks; 2. evaluating existing controls for effectiveness and adequacy; 3. analysing and evaluating risks; and 4. selecting and recording risk treatments.

Designed for use with versions of Excel as early as 97-2003 to enable easy access for more people - yet able to be used in current versions.

Sophisticated - it includes subtle, but critical, steps - such as assessing the adequacy of existing controls (as a function of effectiveness and consequence).

All risk assessment criteria and control evaluation criteria can be tailored by you - to reflect your risk profile and your risk appetite.

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$14.96 Reg.
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