Complete Continuity Toolkit

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Guidelines, tools and templates. In one immediately available zipped folder, an integrated set of seventeen Microsoft files (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) - all easily tailored to meet your needs. Unsolicited Feedback: "Many thanks. This toolkit is brilliant!" (Mr. Doug Nelson, MBCI, CBCP, Business Continuity Manager, CHIRON, Emeryville, California.)


1. Model Business Continuity Plan Template Specifications: Word.doc 535 KB (35 Pages) A Model Business Continuity Plan focused on critical functions - suitable for organizations, businesses, buildings or facilities.

2. Business Continuity Planning Workbook Specifications: Excel.xls Workbook 151 KB These Excel Worksheets support mapping critical functions and ranking risks in a clear and straightforward manner. The risk evaluation tools calculate risk priorities and contains other Worksheets suitable for recording key elements of the plan.

3. Self Assessment Tools - Guidelines Specifications: Word.doc 631 KB (20 Pages) If you can not measure it - You can not manage it is a fundamental management principle. We build a firm foundation by assessing your needs - identifying the gap between where you are and where you need to be. Our framework for assessing your preparedness is built around seven key elements - each underpinned by five assessment criteria. This product has been developed from best practice approaches to emergency planning and risk management. Our approach is aligned with the globally respected International Risk Management Standard ISO 31000. Elements (and their respective criteria) can be modified to reflect your context. - Workbook Specifications: Excel.xls Workbook 157 KB The Excel Workbook provides both a robust framework and a flexible template. You can edit performance criteria and adjust performance level requirements. The Microsoft Excel Worksheets record achievement in an easy to use manner. Self assessment is within a framework of provided evidence. The Workbook prints out reports and charts.

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$24.96 Reg.
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