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EPCB Franchise opportunities
Given the growing global demand for risk services, and the quality of our methods
there are wonderful opportunities available to take up EPCB consulting franchises.

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Our consultancy services include research, advice, plans, reviews, exercises, and training

Facilitated Organisation Debriefing

Quality Project Management

Analytic & Deliberative Processes

Facilitated Exercises and Drills

Examples of our consultants available to help strengthen your capabilities
EPCB Adelaide, South Australia

EPCB Jamaica

Selected Testimonial - Nillumbik Shire Council (Victoria)
CEO of the Nillumbik Shire, Stuart Burdak, - on an EPCB workshop and Crisis Management validation exercise (simulating the impact of a "Phase 6 Pandemic" on the organization). "A most valuable exercise - useful to improve tools and processes, and to test the integrity of the plan. It gave me a significant level of confidence".

"EPCB was expertly able to guide our organisation into a new business continuity model. We have moved to a best practice resource based approach which works in with our risk management systems." Kimberly Taylor, Risk Manager.

Selected Testimonial - Electrolux Home Products Pty Ltd
"EPCB's expertise enabled our business to enhance our emergency preparedness to a new level- their expert analysis of the gaps in our system allowed us to implement comprehensive corrective measures to serve to protect our key core business assets and capabilities. Excellent work!" Tony Bornholm, Senior OHS Advisor.

Selected Testimonial - Systems Management Consultants International (SMCI - Saudi Arabia)
"EPCB is highly knowledgeable and trustworthy - when it comes to Business Continuity and Risk management they are expert. They understands the standards related to the mentioned fields, including the literature, value, areas of application and implementation. On the personal level they are excellent with customers as well as business partners; considerate, companionate and wisely communicate with people taking into consideration cultural differences."

Selected Testimonial - Arab National Bank
"EPCB succeeds in establishing strong communication channels with partners. They have strong commitment, great attitude, excellent skills, and wide knowledge in different areas. Knowledge Wise: a great knowledge in business continuity especially in conducting Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and developing business continuity Policy and Strategy, and coordinating business continuity exercises.

Products and Services








Complete Continuity Toolkit
Our most popular download - immediately available in a zipped folder of seventeen Microsoft files (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) all easily tailored to meet your needs. Unsolicited Feedback: "Many thanks. This toolkit is brilliant!" (Mr. Doug Nelson, MBCI, CBCP, Business Continuity Manager, CHIRON, Emeryville, California.)
Item No. 367-116089956





Risk Management Register
Available stand alone or within the Complete Continuity Toolkit. Sophisticated, but straightforward to use, this Excel workbook complies with the International Risk Management Principles and Guidelines (ISO 31000). This tool supports and records the key steps: 1. establishing context and identifying risks; 2. evaluating existing controls; 3. analysing and evaluating risks; and 4. selecting and recording treatments. All risk criteria can be readily tailored, by you, to reflect your appetite.
Item No. 411-162185800





Buttress - Business Continuity and Crisis Management Software (Microsoft Access)
An easy to use Access Database, Guidelines and Crisis Management Planning Framework. Supports informed decision making. Tailored reports address prevention, response and recovery.
Item No. 788-133117802





Training and Workshops - per person, per day.
Value for money, customized training and workshops (1 - 5 days) for as few as 10 participants (up to a maximum of 32).
Item No. 583-5144268




EXAMPLE: Workshop - Risk Management and Business Continuity
(Please note - to ensure individual needs can be addressed, only 15 places are available) EPCB has developed a system based on using Business Impact Analysis data as a baseline for damage/impact assessments to provide a sound basis to inform crucial decisions in a crisis. This workshop will outline and explore this approach.
Item No. 16-115577764




EXAMPLE: Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Workshop
Facilitated by INSERT name and link of EPCB Facilitator. A workshop on using the international risk management principles and guidelines (ISO 13000) to achieve enterprise wide risk management outcomes. Themes covered: 1. The Maze of Standards 2. Gap Assessment 3. Decision Making 4. Risk Criteria 5. From Principles to Integrated Implementation 6. Risk Assessment 7. Business Resilience 8. Continuous Improvement.
Item No. 614-147257800




EPCB Consultancy Franchise
Our franchise program establishes and supports you as a risk consultant. Establishment includes an internet presence within the EPCB website, EPCB Intellectual Property (I.P.) and EPCB promotional rights - including logo rights.
Item No. 817-6647697





EPCB Annual Franchise Fee
Annual fee maintains your franchise rights.
Item No. 232-144015804





EPCB General Consulting Services (costing method and conditions)
We provide research, advice, plans, and the facilitation of reviews, exercises, and training. Our professional services are developed with you to ensure they are tailored to meet your needs. Our approach and service range is displayed throughout this website.
Item No. 403-4660477


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