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Consulting Services (includes costing method and conditions)
We provide research, advice, plans, and the facilitation of reviews, exercises, and training. Our professional services are developed with you to ensure they are tailored to meet your needs. Our approach and service range is displayed throughout this website.



EXAMPLE: Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Workshop
Facilitated by INSERT name and link of EPCB Facilitator. A workshop on using the international risk management principles and guidelines (ISO 13000) to achieve enterprise wide risk management outcomes. Themes covered: 1. The Maze of Standards 2. Gap Assessment 3. Decision Making 4. Risk Criteria 5. From Principles to Integrated Implementation 6. Risk Assessment 7. Business Resilience 8. Continuous Improvement.



EXAMPLE: Workshop - Risk Management and Business Continuity
(Please note - to ensure individual needs can be addressed, only 15 places are available) EPCB has developed a system based on using Business Impact Analysis data as a baseline for damage/impact assessments to provide a sound basis to inform crucial decisions in a crisis. This workshop will outline and explore this approach.



Training and Workshops - per person, per day.
Value for money, customized training and workshops (1 - 5 days) for as few as 10 participants (up to a maximum of 32).


All prices in US Dollars


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