Step 1. Map your Context

Organisational Debriefing is a process in which staff within or across organisations communicate their experiences of how their organisation(s) operated during an emergency (e.g. preparedness, response, recovery), during an exercise or during another activity - so that lessons can be identified. Arrangements can then be modified to reflect the lessons identified - thereby improving capability for future crises

EPCB use a "structured debriefing" methodology to ensure quality, transparency, and independent facilitation.
Structured Debriefing is a flexible model for learning through reflection by sharing experiences, gathering information and developing ideas for the future.


Click here for an outline of EPCB's structured debriefing methodology (938 KB pdf)

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EPCB General Consulting Services (costing method and conditions)
We provide research, advice, plans, and the facilitation of reviews, exercises, and training. Our professional services are developed with you to ensure they are tailored to meet your needs. Our approach and service range is displayed throughout this website.




Training and Workshops - per person, per day.
Value for money, customized training and workshops (1 - 5 days) for as few as 10 participants (up to a maximum of 32).


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