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Risk Management Register
Available stand alone or within the Complete Continuity Toolkit. Sophisticated, but straightforward to use, this Excel workbook complies with the International Risk Management Principles and Guidelines (ISO 31000). This tool supports and records the key steps: 1. establishing context and identifying risks; 2. evaluating existing controls; 3. analysing and evaluating risks; and 4. selecting and recording treatments. All risk criteria can be readily tailored, by you, to reflect your appetite.
Item No. 411-162185800





Complete Continuity Toolkit
Our most popular download - immediately available in a zipped folder of seventeen Microsoft files (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) all easily tailored to meet your needs. Unsolicited Feedback: "Many thanks. This toolkit is brilliant!" (Mr. Doug Nelson, MBCI, CBCP, Business Continuity Manager, CHIRON, Emeryville, California.)
Item No. 367-116089956





Buttress - Business Continuity and Crisis Management Software (Microsoft Access)
An easy to use Access Database, Guidelines and Crisis Management Planning Framework. Supports informed decision making. Tailored reports address prevention, response and recovery.
Item No. 788-133117802



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Start by self assessing the gap between where you are - and where you need to be.

Click here to download a free document from our Complete Continuity Toolkit (Risk Management Self Assessment Framework - 154 KB PDF 17 Pages)

Click here to download our free diagnostic tool (31 KB xls) An easy to use, flexible tool that can be adjusted to include your criteria and acceptable performance thresholds.


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